Hoezo film is dead?
Kodak Celebrates 50 Years of TRI-X en Kodak Introduces New Professional Films.

Over de trix:

“Fifty years ago, TRI-X Film created a class of its own with its speed and unique look. Today, it stands alone,” said Myriam Quinones, Product Manager, Professional Film Capture Products. “Whether a photographer wants to convey power, beauty, intensity or grace all in the absence of colour, TRI-X Film captures it like no other. The look of TRI-X Film is unparalleled, and it is the black-and-white choice of many professional photographers.”

En de twee nieuwe films: Kodak Professional BW400CN Film en (een verbeterde) Kodak Professional Portra 800. De BW400CN gaat de T400CN en de Portra 400BW vervangen (beschikbaar vanaf Q2 2004), en over de Portra 800:

This high-speed film, part of the respected PORTRA colour negative film portfolio, now features finer grain for smooth enlargements and more under-exposure latitude. This high-speed film is great for candid shots in low light or when capturing images with motion. Printing compatibility with the other PORTRA films will be maintained.