Waarom wil men per se in het Engels bloggen als men die taal niet machtig is? Waarom?

On her own erotical ways she seduces her victimes. The true point is that you get in doubt until the last second of the movie to find out that she actually did the murdering or not. Jup… don’t let yourself into the comments of journals but try and find it out yourself!

Mijn oprechte excuses.

4 gedachtes over “waarom”

  1. Haha I was literarily LOL! out loudly!

    And may we knew where you have find these fantastical text? I have proved a couple of weblog where I suspect this kinda English but no luck sadly… Its a commentar for Basic Instint II right?!

  2. I said myself I shall not publically make there website because I will not want to laugh out the person who has wroten this.

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