Eerder al richtte Philip Glass zijn eigen record label op (Orange Mountain Music); binnenkort komt ook Michael Nyman met een eigen label op de proppen: MN Records (press release):

Michael Nyman will launch a new label, MN Records, in the spring of 2005. The imprint will be launched with Nyman’s opera Man and Boy: Dada, which will be released throughout Europe on 28 March 2005. With further recordings planned for later in the year, including a much anticipated album of solo piano music performed by the composer and backed by a UK tour, Nyman anticipates building a catalogue incorporating the full range of his compositions, from opera, orchestral and chamber music, to ballet and film scores. Complementing the new releases, the label will present rare, previously unreleased and otherwise unavailable recordings.

Ik ben benieuwd. Hopelijk kunnen we op een goed(kop)e distributie rekenen.