da’s echt wel leuk. krijgen ze eens een koekje van eigen deeg.

That’s because on a January morning three months after the suit was filed, Amsterdam-based Kazaa.com went dark and Zennstrˆm vanished. Days later, the company was reborn with a structure as decentralized as Kazaa’s peer-to-peer service itself. Zennstrˆm, a Swedish citizen, transferred control of the software’s code to Blastoise, a strangely crafted company with operations off the coast of Britain – on a remote island renowned as a tax haven – and in Estonia, a notorious safe harbor for intellectual property pirates. And that was just the start.
Ownership of the Kazaa interface went to Sharman Networks, a business formed days earlier in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, another tax haven. Sharman, which runs its servers in Denmark, obtained a license for Zennstrˆm’s technology, FastTrack. The Kazaa.com domain, on the other hand, was registered to an Australian firm called LEF Interactive – for the French revolutionary slogan, libertÈ, ÈgalitÈ, fraternitÈ.

wired: the race to kill kazaa