Gezien ik mijn feed te weinig aanvul, wil ik hier op heel onregelmatige tijdstippen wel eens wat tips doorgeven. Deze drie om te beginnen.

The Flemish Jazz Meeting is essentially a showcase to hip foreign concert promoters to what’s happening in Flanders (though not all musicians involved were Flemish, and a few were even Dutch). It’s an insider thing, somewhere between a pageant, a super-market and a mail-order catalogue, that’s not even listed on Vooruit’s website – I got in because I won a ticket (and, thankfully, I was in excellent company). Five bands each got a short set of generally three songs each.

Mwanji Ezana over de Flemish Jazz Meeting – 08/09/2007@Vooruit, Gent. Lees er zijn bespreking van de vijf groepen, en bekijk meteen ook zijn zeer uitbundige be.jazz weblog. (Lees ook eens zijn post over building your own diyPod.)

I have never made tortilla patata before only because I have yet to see a recipe with less than one cup of olive oil in it. If you’ve made it to your thirties without unsavory things like cellulite, bless you, but all the rest of us have good reason to be wary of fat by the cup full, even so-called ‘good’ fat. However, my desire to conquer this dish at home got the better of me on Saturday morning (also, Saturday afternoon: uh, this dish takes a long time to make) and so I decided to approach it like a scientist, measuring the oil going in and out. I am so glad I did, because as it turns out this entire dish uses but four tablespoons of oil, and probably even less because there is no way I got all the excess out of our 19-pound Dutch oven. Low-fat? Not really, but not that big of a deal.

Deb van Smitten Kitchen maakt tortilla de patatas. Ik ken alvast één iemand die dat zeer goed kan klaarmaken.

American Power is particularly difficult, in part because of its geographic and conceptual bigness, but also because of Homeland Security I have been stopped more than once on public property for photographing distant coal stacks. Once, in Poca, West Virginia, a total of six law enforcement officers, including two FBI agents, questioned me and my assistant for hours.

Een beetje uit de context gerukt, maar toch wel sprekend voor het American Power project van Mitch Epstein. Jörg Colberg had A Conversation with Mitch Epstein