heat dissipation

Recent had ik nog ‘geklaagd’ over de hitte van de PowerBook; vandaag lees ik net een review van Rain Designs iLap.

If you have a laptop and spend any time working away from a desk or other hard, flat surfaceófor example, on the couch, in a chair, sitting outside, in front of the TVógo buy an iLap. You donít even need to read the rest of this review. Just go buy it. [bron: ATPM]

Rain Design iLap

The aluminum material is touted as a great heat dissipater, but the real advantage of the iLap, like most similar stands, comes from elevating the bottom of the laptop off the user’s thighs. Any guy who has used a recent PowerBook on his lap for an hour or two will recall what an uncomfortable experience that can be for certain, uh, “residents” of that region. [bron: ATPM]

49USD voor de 12″ versie, plus 38,90USD fedex shipping cost, plus ongetwijfeld invoertaksen e.d. Op een Franse site is het te koop voor 69EUR (+vervoerskosten).

Vanmiddag maar eens naar de Belgische partner bellen.