Het was al een tijdje geleden dat ik nog eens naar hun website was gaan kijken, maar zie, de B&O HDR1 is uit:

The HDR 1 hard disc recorder is the ultimate temporary
storage media that, in principle, never runs out of tape and is always
rewound, ready to record. With the two-hour buffer constantly recording
from the moment you switch on the TV, you can enjoy features new to
home recording and playback: pause or cue back live TV, simultaneously
record and playback, and watch the start of a program while the rest is
still recording.

Meer over de features:

The HDR 1 offers up to 45 hours temporary recording and storage on the 80 GB hard disc with a range of features that revolutionizes television viewing. A segment of the hard disc functions as a buffer and continually records on a loop, providing exceptional flexibility.

The “Replay” feature allows you to ‘pause’ a live transmission and restart where it left off, or to cue back to when viewing was interrupted. When watching a film on TV with the HDR 1, the buffer is constantly recording what is on the screen. At any point during the film, you can decide to record and save the film on the hard disc.

You can also come home and watch a film from the start while it is still recording onto the hard disc. HDR 1 can record and playback simultaneously, as well as record from one channel while you are watching another. The most recent recording is always stored at the top of the menu, and one touch of the Beo4 remote control is all it takes to watch this recording.

Oh. Dat zie er allemaal zeer patent uit, helaas is de prijs (naar gewoonte) niet mals: 1.345 EUR (een wel erg dure harddisk).