eagerly awaiting spring

new releases coming soon. with the buzz on most of these already starting Q3 of last year, it’s nearly there. kronos quartet, steve reich, philip glass, michael nyman and gavin bryars all have records for us up their sleeve to be released this spring (or even as soon as february).

information and releases from the Kronos Quartet’s 30th anniversary (cfr under 30 project announcement and call for scores and the review in the san francisco chronicle).

steve reich’s three tales. on that note i’d love to have a dvd release of the cave. from what i understand, a vhs release was talked about, but dismissed by beryl korot (his wife and video-artist). while i understand that the 3d was really important for the cave, it might be a real asset to have this on dvd (surely the possibility of multiple camera angles must appeal to ms korot?).
(see also pop matters for more information about three tales)

philip glass: la belle et la b√çte: announced to be released this spring on criterion. let’s hope is region free.

michael nyman’s sangam. at last something new –well, we’ve been spoiled with facing goya already, but this looks like the upside-down violin (michael nyman band live in concert, 1999), only better.

gavin bryars new (availability of) releases biped (BCGBCD02), lockerbie memorial concert (BCGBCD03), all ten of a man in a room, gambling (BCGBCD04) on his own label gbrecords. thanks to a deal with new note distribution most of his albums will now also sell via e.g. amazon. (i personally can’t wait for all ten pieces of a man in a room, gambling