no more

it had been a while since i’d ordered cds via the internet. there was however no way that i could get the glass cd from his ourange mountain music label localy, rather limiting my options. i chose to order via amazon us (since amazon uk didn’t have the items available at the time i ordered them).

and lo and behold, after more than a month i today received my shipment of 2 glass cds (descent into the maelstrÀÜm and early voice), and one reich (tehillim / the desert music).

total cost: 61.93 USD (58.78 EUR). or so you think:

add to that 14.97 EUR VAT

add to that 2.12 EUR import tax

add to that 8.68 EUR presentation costs

which amounts to 84.55 EUR or 28.18 EUR per CD

(currently they are available through amazon uk, for a total of 42.21 UKP (64.22 EUR). they would have arrived here sooner too.)

it’s no longer cheaper to order cds via the internet. and it’s been like that for a while. i can get almost everything through local stores (mostly fnac), and the cost is rarely higher than if i’d ordered on-line (with shipping costs etc added). no more us stores for me.