membership on the nyman website

i’m currently finalizing a forum for the michael nyman website. it will be a basic application, with some membership functionalities, such as notification of responses, ability to participate in contests, maybe polls. in order to entice people to register for the forum, we’re giving away 10 promotional cds of facing goya. (caution: these are not the full (double) cds you’ll find in the shops, but a single cd containing track samples)

registration (and the contest) will start on monday; the forum should be live beginning december

i’ve decided not to opt for a ready-made forum, in order for me to be able to fully integrate the forum with the rest of the site. this means e.g. that at the bottom of each discography item, there will be a section called ‘feedback’, enabeling you to give your appreciation on a certain album (why only leave reviews to the press)

writing this gets me thinking about implementing a rating system for the albums listed, and since we’re doing some kind of membership project we might discern between ratings from by members and ratings by guest (non-members). or simply only enable members to rate albums.

membership will, of course, always be free. so why membership? people will have to register in order to post to the forum (not to view). the ability to rate albums. enter contests (draws). maybe notifications of news, new releases, a newsletter, why not; there used to be a (monthly) newsletter.

let’s get to work then.