chester novello

i’m just discovering the chester novello site. do check out their calendar. i don’t know how complete it is, but it’s one of the better i’ve been able to come up with. a word of warning though, be sure not only to look at the schedule for a given day, but als click on the month itself -there are quite a number of performances that are only mentioned on the general month list instead of on the day list.

e.g. when I click on february 4th, there’s no mention of michael nyman’s performance in melbourne, whereas when i view the month, it’s there in the list (not chronologically on the 4th, but in the date range feb 1st-6th).

another neat feature is that you can access the performance list per composer, e.g. here’s the one for michael nyman, philip glass, john tavener, and… let’s be trendy, say: magnus lindberg & esa-pekka salonen

you don’t suppose i could convince them to make rss feeds so i can use their news on, do you?