i’m (almost) ready to give in. *sigh*

i’ve been enthusing about my mac (as you’ve all witnessed), and it would be a matter of time before this would extend to apple’s iPod. after all, since i’m converting all my nyman cd’s to mp3 using iTunes, i now need a tool to carry my complete nyman library with me, wherever i go. and i do mean complete. the iPod can do that, and can do it fast.

the only ‘problem’ is, i have a complete b&o setup, and it really doesn’t look like they (b&o) are going to support apple any time soon. plus they’re going to release an mp3 player of their own pretty soon – but since it’s going to be form over function (only 64 or 128 Mb vs the 5 Gb on the iPod), i’m more interested in the iPod anyway.

but i digress. b&o have a (potentially) fantastic product, called beolink pc 2. it allows you to connect to your pc from your (other) b&o products, thus effectively enabling you to listen to music located on your computer’s harddrive. it’s just a ‘network’ card and some software, but it’s not compatible with the mac.

ay, there’s the rub (to throw in some shakespeare), because i would love to manage my mp3s on my mac, using itunes, but still being able to play them via beolink. what a luxury problem it is, i know.