kyle gann

just found a very interesting site: Kyle Gann’s Home Page. i got there via a search on ‘michael nyman’, which brought me to a column he (kyle gann) wrote about his getting on the internet, and on which the Michael Nyman website (back in its netpoint incarnation) is favourably mentioned. which of course made me look beyond that page.

gann is a composer, music critic, assistant professor and author of (a.o.) a book on American Music in the 20th Century (Schirmer Books, 1997). he seems like such a dynamic and entertaining writer -the book immediately went on my wish list

also, check out his on-line writings, e.g. A Forest from the Seeds of Minimalism An Essay on Postminimal and Totalist Music (4 jan 1999), Breaking the Chain Letter An Essay on Downtown Music (18 apr 1998)