Ducati has released specifications for a new version of its 999R Superbike, apparently built to homologate a number of changes to both the motor and chassis for AMA Superbike competition. The motor shares its bore, stroke, and bottom end components with the previous 999R, but the pistons, cylinder head, valvetrain (now featuring titanium valves on both the intake and exhaust sides), and intake receive a complete redesign intended to make the motor more competitive under current AMA Superbike rules. Power is up from the previous version’s claimed 139hp at 10,000rpm to a claimed 150hp at 9,750rpm. [via]

ducati 999r USA

150pk (@ 9750rpm) en 116.7Nm (@ 8000rpm) met een droogewicht van 181kg. I think we have a winner. Maar errm… hou er wel even rekening bij dat de Europese versie (136pk) zo’n 30.000 EUR kost.

Cfr Ducati 999r: A Street Bike with a Track Record