zit al een tijdje in mijn systeem, en nu ga ik er eindelijk iets mee aanvangen. ’t is te zeggen: er staan twee wiki’s op stapel. eentje voor, en eentje voor op ’t werk.

wat een wiki is?

The term WikiWiki (“wiki wiki” means “quick” in the Hawaiian language; “wee kee wee kee”) can be used to identify either a type of hypertext document or the software used to write it. Often called “wiki” for short, the collaborative software application enables web documents to be authored collectively using a simple markup scheme and without the content being reviewed prior to its acceptance. The resulting collaborative hypertext document, also called either “wiki” or “WikiWikiWeb,” is typically produced by a community of users. Many wikis are immediately identifiable by their use of CamelCase, produced by capitalizing words in a phrase and removing the spaces between them; this turns the phrase into an automatic link.

er is ten minste 1 wiki die je niet mag missen (maakt niet uit waar je interesses liggen): de Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an open content, WikiWiki encyclopedia found at The name also refers to the encyclopedia-building project. The project started in English (American, British, or other, depending on the participant) in January 2001, and projects to build Wikipedia in other languages are very active.

drie wiki softwares worden momenteel getest: WakkaWiki, WikkiTikkiTavi en de enigine voor de Wikipedia