Kijk eens, we loggen in het Engels. Want dit had mijn Engelstalige collega, die we Ian Martini zullen noemen in een feeble attempt zijn naam te maskeren, te vertellen over een recente shopping trip met zijn dochtertje, errmm… Olive.

This Sunday morning –it was still early– I had to do some shopping so I went to Delhaize with Olive in the pushchair. As I was minding my own business, getting some fruit, all of a sudden there was this old lady addressing me in English holding up her hand saying:

“I hear your child is coughing. You’ll want to give her some of these white pears to eat. After half an hour she will shit, but the coughing will stop.”

I did the rest of my shopping and then when I got to the till and I’d paid for my shopping, this old lady was at the end of the till with a troley full of these pears just to show me that they had lots in the shop. (Is what she told me.)

I left the shop, which was a bit awkward, not only because I had to carry the groceries and push the pushchair out at the same time, but also because there seem to be people who think that the persons entering the shop take precedence over those leaving, so I had some real difficulties getting out. That plus there is no ramp and I had to get the lot off the stairs –which I managed effortless thank you.

When we got back home I gave her some juice, and two of those pears. There would have been some carrots too but as I forgot to buy them in Delhaize and I don’t trust the Iranian shop –as a matter of fact I don’t know if they sell veggies anymore– well, there simply weren’t any carrots. And half an hour later, Olive crouched down, said “poo” and pointed at her nappy. And boy did it stink.

But the coughing did stop.

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  1. well i hope for you foreign visistors that they did appreciate your english log very weel but it think is doens’t hold head nor tail a bit…
    bu anyway as alwasy your point is that you were again a bit clumsy?

  2. ‘Ian Martini’ says: “It’s near Avenue Louise Metro Station and I believe it’s called a Delhaize Proxy.”

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