kijk eens, hoe mooi.

In France, soup is not just soup. What in English is called soup, in France may be called crËme, veloutÈ, or potage. If the soup is clear it may be a consommÈ. If the main ingredient is onions and there’s melted cheese on top, the soup may be called a gratinÈe. Without the cheese it may be called a tourain, but a tourain may also be made from garlic. If the soup is prepared in a particular pot called a marmite, then the soup may be called a marmite, too. (In other countries, a marmite may be thought of as more of a stew than a soup.) If the soup is thick, creamy, and made from crustaceans, then it may be called a bisque. If the soup is made from vegetables and ham, it made be called a garbure. Sometimes, just to provide more confusion, a soup in French is called a soupe.

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