thanks for all the e-mails. as to not make your visit completely useless, i’ve decided to put up a few pointers to sites i like, and often visit. this list might or might not be expanded in the future. (i also might put the archive back up)

this is the end.

not wanting to sound like the doors, but it is. the end.

for the last few weeks (months ?!) i’ve been spending less and less time behind the computer every day (i still sit behind the screen more than 9 hours per day at work, but that is just a minor detail –everybody has to make a living).

i actually almost wrote that this will probably not be the last you read from me on the web, but i’ll stop kidding myself (and you, dear visitor). this is the last thing you’ll read from me that is related.

i have a lovely wife (even though we’re not married, but again, details, details) and an adorable son.

i still love music and movies and reading and cooking.

none of this will ever go away. but it is time i end this site. time i quit stalling and go back to IRL. it’s been great. but it’s over.