steve martland @ blackboxmusic

yes! yes! yes! i’ve appreciated steve martland ever since i saw him perform as an opening act to michael nyman in london a few years ago. re-mix was one of the funniest ‘classical’ performances i’ve ever seen. his music is very eclectic and experimental (in a good sense !), strong, and also humorous at times

alas! it’s not that easy to come by an steve martland album: the bmg 2 disc set of babi yar and crossing the border seemed to be the only one currently available. but all that has changed with the blackbox release of ‘horses of instruction’, featuring fairly recent work from the nineties (with the exception of principia and re-mix). re-mix appears to be in a slightly up-beat tempo from what’s on the bmg discs, giving it just the energetic ‘schwung’ i remember it had when i saw steve martland conducting it in london

go get it @ the blackboxmusic site