belgian rabbit poachers

Te grappig om niet waar te zijn:

So two guys in Belgium were busted by police driving a car tricked out with armor plating designed to stop bullets and spring tire traps and halogen lamps to deter would-be pursuers. And why exactly had they gone to so much trouble? To help them escape capture for rabbit poaching, which clearly must be some sort of serious crime over there in Belgium.

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Het volledige artikel is terug te vinden op Yahoo News

Belgians Use Hi-Tech Gadget Car… to Catch Rabbits
BRUSSELS, Belgium (Reuters) – Belgian police have caught two rabbit poachers whose armor-plated getaway car was equipped with so many gadgets it would not have been out of place in a James Bond film.
Belga news agency said Tuesday the poachers were caught overnight with 14 wild rabbits in the back of a car that they had reinforced with metal plates to stop bullets.
The car was also equipped with an automated box ready to spring tire traps to slow pursuers. The poachers had fitted a halogen lamp on the outside to blind their prey and shielded the car’s number plates with lead sheeting to avoid identification.
There was also a device to eject two old bicycles fixed on the back of the car on to the road as an obstacle to any vehicle in hot pursuit, Belga reported.

Hmm. Hmm. Only in Belgium zeker? Dat van die ouwe fietsen is wel a neat trick (eens proberen op de autostrade voor bumperklevers). En dan: shielded the car’s number plates with lead sheeting to avoid identification (vs gewoon de nummerplaten eraf vijzen). Cool!