Wat denken we? Zouden de harddisk videorecorders in 2005 (ook bij ons) echt doorbreken? Of loop ik nu al achter?

Deze ziet er in elk geval al behoorlijk patent uit.

The KiSS DP-558 DVD Player has it all. It can offer playback of many different formats, from DVD, Video with DivX? 3.11, 4 and 5 and MPEG-4, or Audio with MP3, Standard Audio CDs and Ogg Vorbis, or Pictures with JPEG. You will also find on it all the features that has made the KiSS DP-500 famous with an Ethernet Connection in the back. If connected to a Broadband Internet Connection it will enable the user to play Internet Radio Station on his Player with WebRadio or enable the user to view or play his Audio/Video/Picture files from his PC with the user Friendly Software KiSS PC-Link. On top of these well known features, the KiSS DP-558 offers recording facilities, thanks to its TV Tuner, recording TV on its built-in Hard Drive will be as easy as it was done on VHS, with some major advantages such as very high sound quality, a sharp and clear image, no alteration of the content with time or easy content search.

B&O heeft er een gepland voor 2005 (tegen niet zo democratische prijzen natuurlijk: 1.500 EUR), en maakt ook Toshiba dezer dagen geen reclame voor een DVD recorder met HD?

Laat maar komen!