Run, don’t walk to the final issue of 28mm, want na een vruchtbare twee jaar houdt Rachel James ermee op.

I believe that it was Derek Powazek that coined the phrase “Labour of Love”. 28mm has been every bit of that for me. However, I believe that when you cannot give a website like this your 100%, then it’s time to stop. It is a decision that some of you might not understand, but one that I hope you can respect.

Een site zoals 28mm kan ook niet anders dan vreselijk veel energie van de coördinator vragen. Het is geen gemakkelijke beslissing om met zoiets te stoppen (ik kan ervan meespreken); dat respect heeft ze zeker verdiend.

Before we officially close the chapter on 28mm, I have decided to put my energy into creating a coffee table book. An official announcement will be made about that on Monday. I want to give everyone one last chance to be a part of 28mm.

Bedankt, Rachel.