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twee yummie boeken gekregen vandaag: Tetsuya (kok: Tetsuya Wakuda) & Cooking at The Merchant House (kok: Shaun Hill).
en nu terug naar de fnac om er de vertaalde Nobu (kok: Nobu Matsuhisa) te doorbladeren…

inspiratie voor zondag.

amazon wist het volgende te vertellen…

over Tetsuya

Tetsuya Wakuda is a true artist. Inspired by the ingredients native to his adopted country (Australia), and the techniques and flavours of his birthplace (Japan), Tetsuya combines them to complement and highlight each other in the simplest ways to bring out the most complicated flavours. For those of us unfamiliar with his reputation, Tetsuya comes with a glowing forward by Charlie Trotter that refers to Tetsuya in the same breath as Alain Ducasse, Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller, and rightly so.

en over Cooking at The Merchant House

The Merchant House is a small, Michelin-starred restaurant in the Welsh Marches town of Ludlow, operated by the gifted and creative chef Shaun Hill. It is somewhat unusual in that Hill, who made his name at the country house hotel Gidleigh Park, has turned his back on the standard restaurant kitchen with its brigade of assistants and cooks alone in what is to all intents and purposes a domestic kitchen. He also does his own shopping and washing-up.
Terrific stuff, and sauced with Hill’s occasionally astringent observations on buying, converting and running a restaurant.