autumn @ nonesuch

It’s about 75 minutes to drive the 75 km to work (from Gent to Brussels). A lot of people tell me they’d be totally stressed out from traffic by the time they’d actually get to work, but I’ve discovered it’s the perfect time to finally listen to some music again. Last Saturday I discovered they stocked the autumn harvest for nonesuch at the fnac, so I was able to spend the week listening to these four discs:

Steve Reich’s Triple Quartet (amazon UK US)

Ingram Marshall’s Kingdom Come (amazon UK US)

John Adams’ El Niño (amazon UK US)

Terry Riley’s Requiem for Adam (by Kronos Quartet) (amazon UK US)

The above order is not at random, but mark my preference (and recommendation) top to bottom. (I will not give you an actual review of these discs, but a gut feeling about them.) I wasn’t too fond of Requiem for Adam, but liked El Niño more. Even so, I’d rather recommend another work of John Adams such as Century Rolls or I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky. El Niño doesn’t seem like Adams enough, but is too reminiscent of Nyman (the opening) and Glass (most of the singing). If you want a recommendation for Riley, try In C (especially if you like Reich) –I have the Ictus Live disc (featuring Blindman Quartet).

Ingram Marshall’s Kingdom Come was a revelation for me (no pun intended) -I’m definitely going to try other work by Marshall. His music is seems so quiet and fragile.

For a must buy, Triple Quartet is really amazing. Then again I’ve always had a soft spot for Reich’s phasing in and out…

2 film music compilations

Just bought Michael Nyman – Film Music 1980 – 2001 for 21.57 EUR; well worth the wait. Mind you, the lady in the store said there wasn’t anything new on it, which is untrue of course. If you ever buy a compilation CD, or need an introduction to the work of MN, this is the CD to buy!

But yes, it is true about the spelling mistakes: it’s MICHEAL Nyman (sic) all over the place. And even though I’m a big fan of Dave McKean, I think the artwork is particularly hideous. Luckily we buy the album for its musical qualities.

The local fnac store also sold the Philip Glass compilation (Philip On Film), and I’m cursing myself for not having bought it. It was ‘only’ about 45.00 EUR (on sale), for which amount you get no less than 5 CD’s (that sell at about 20.00 EUR a piece). Next week… if they still have them.

Michael Nyman – Film Music 1980 – 2001

As of Monday, Film Music 1980-2001 will become available in the (European) stores. The US public will have to wait a bit longer, but you should be able to order it from amazon and cd-now anyhow. CD-Now list it as 29.99 USD (approx. 20.52 UKP or 33.17 EUR), while amazon UK list it for 13.99 UKP (approx 20.44 USD or 22.61 EUR).

Didn’t take me too long to make a choice -or I might hold off until they have it at the local fnac (21.19 EUR) ?

concert: Graham Fitkin Group

22 November 01 19.30 @ The Warehouse, 13 Theed Street, London SE1 (near Waterloo station) Tickets ¬¨¬£8, Concessions ¬¨¬£5 This concert is part of BMIC’s Cutting Edge series. advance reservations e-mail

Programme includes –



Gavin Bryars’ SUB ROSA