2 film music compilations

Just bought Michael Nyman – Film Music 1980 – 2001 for 21.57 EUR; well worth the wait. Mind you, the lady in the store said there wasn’t anything new on it, which is untrue of course. If you ever buy a compilation CD, or need an introduction to the work of MN, this is the CD to buy!

But yes, it is true about the spelling mistakes: it’s MICHEAL Nyman (sic) all over the place. And even though I’m a big fan of Dave McKean, I think the artwork is particularly hideous. Luckily we buy the album for its musical qualities.

The local fnac store also sold the Philip Glass compilation (Philip On Film), and I’m cursing myself for not having bought it. It was ‘only’ about 45.00 EUR (on sale), for which amount you get no less than 5 CD’s (that sell at about 20.00 EUR a piece). Next week… if they still have them.