Wel, hier is de dpreview bespreking van de Nikon D70. Maar liefst 28 pagina’s, gratis en voor niets.

Bottom line?

People’s first reaction to the D70, especially existing D100 owners was that it doesn’t appear to be a downgrade from the D100. Indeed, this is also my reaction. Yes, the D70’s design is simpler than the D100 and the menus have larger type face, there are some custom functions missing and you can’t add a vertical hand grip. But in all other respects the D70 is as good as and in some cases better than the D100. This then makes the naming convention a little odd. From a competition point of view the D70 was clearly aimed at nudging the EOS 300D of its perch but is also capable of taking on the EOS 10D which costs quite a bit more.