help wanted

Michel en Sandra hebben hulp nodig. In tengels nogwel.

Spijtig genoeg zijn mijn tekenkunsten zo mogelijk nog beperkter dan die van Michel, maar bon. Spreek even uzelf of uw creatievere kennissen aan om hen uit de nood te helpen. (Wie weet wordt dit nog een van die Urban Legend e-mails/entries.)


In short: we’re looking for three illustrations of a mouse in the same style as the illustrations in the image above. For a birth announcement. For details on why, see above. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, so either there should be two versions or the images should be applicable to both. We do know that the baby could be born literally any day now, so it’s quite urgent. Black and white drawings preferable, vector graphics if possible. Leave a link where we (well, actually, my family, I don’t have an internet connection at the hospital) can download. Reward: drinks on us whenever you’re in Ghent, and of course–eternal gratitude!