Most people have no imagination. That’s why most people work in a bloody bank or insurance company or sell shoes. I would never have worked in a bank. I would have died. I’ve been a truck driver, a fruit picker, and I worked on the railroads, loading and unloading. That’s OK. It wasn’t all that amusing, but it didn’t worry me; that’s not slavery. Slavery for me would be to work for a boss, to rely on the idea that I will please this boss by what I do or say or else get thrown out and have no work. That is truly terrible. Many times when I truly didn’t have any resources, I burned my bridges because they were going to conform me. They wanted to and I said, Fuck you. I’d prefer to have no money and do what I want. I don’t mean I want to be without money, but freedom and independence are for me the most important things. See my box of cameras, thats all I need.

Helmut Newton (via PhotgraphyBlog)

Daarnet even op zoek gegaan naar een quote van Walter Pater (failure is to form habits) ivm Helmut Newtons fuck you. De relevante text is terug te vinden in zijn conclusie van The Renaissance (zie ook het interessante essay van L.J. Hammond).

Op zoek naar het citaat ben ik echter terecht gekomen bij volgende interessante bron: The Cambridge History Of English And American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. Oh! Ik weet weer wat te doen vandaag.