bombs on gent city

Gisteren op de radio gehoord, nu gelezen op de site van de Democrazy:

On Thursday 20/3 DEMOCRAZY will set up an huge soundsystem above the water in the Centre of Gent (Gras- en Korenlei). As a protest against US war policy now and in the future, we will play a “soundtrack” of war through the streets of Gent. These digital bombs have been mixed by local Music-idols DAS POP + MO & BENOELIE + 4T4… Be there, at 12h, this Thursday !!! Narrated by LUC ALLOO and JAN HOET… With the kind co-operation of soundcompany STAGETEAM, morally supported by most players in the musical and cultural field, and green light given by the city-authorities of Gent.

Een van de keren dat het mij grondig spijt overdag in Brussel te zitten.