patience is a virtue

okay. so you have to be patient. but so do i. i placed my order with amazon a little over a week ago, and i’ve only just now received a message that ‘my items have been shipped’ when they arrive is another matter. esp. in this holiday season.

so i’m waiting for glass’s early voice, and a descent into the maelstrÀÜm, and reich’s tehillim / the desert music. delivery estimate: december 27-january 8. sigh.

meanwhile i got adams naive and sentimental music, which i ordered from the fnac (don’t hold your breath, i think it’s a bad album), and i noticed they now have glass’s new naqoyqatsi, which i’ll probably get saturday or monday. (btw the fnac is cheaper than if ordered from amazon –unfortunately they can’t order everything, such as the items from glass’s orange mountain music label)