the return of…

What’s happening?

I’m really sorry about the downtime. The server that was hosting (and other sites), has been victim of a hardware failure, compromising all sites and configuration.

Luckily I had backups of almost everything, and I’m taking to opportunity to get together the site I was intending for

What will the changes be?

Several sites will be regrouped under (just as it was in the early days). I’m talking about the sites for wim mertens, peter greenaway, and phillip glass

They will each go to their subdirectory on /mertens/, /greenaway/ and /glass/.

There will also be a general page with michael nyman info (on /nyman/), with unofficial information (the official Michael Nyman website will remain at

Each subdirectory will contain a weblog, a small biography and discography and hopefully a calendar. And I’ll need volunteers to help me with the weblog.

So… can I help / contact you?

Yes, please.

If you’d like to contribute, write articles, give feedback, submit ideas, send me an e-mail at (works)

Staff wanted / open positions

First things first: is there any salary for these positions?

No. makes no money, quite the contrary: we only pay money, to our ISP. Current credit line equals minus (months (current month to 1995) * monthly fee). Not counting hours, days, weeks, months of time invested.

Available positions:

  • associate editor(s) & staff writers
  • correspondent, great britain
  • correspondent, france
  • correspondent, latin europe (ouch –> italy, spain, portugal)
  • correspondent, germany
  • correspondent, (south) africa
  • correspondent, japan / asia
  • correspondent, middle east
  • etc.

Feel up to it? Do contact me:; i love you already.

We are jealous of

New Music Box. And others. Enough said.