bang on a can


i could stop right here, even though i’ve only gotten two of their albums. i will be getting more, you can count on that. a while back i bought lost objects. it’s very much indebted to reich/adams/glass, but it’s very energetic and fresh; a valuable addition to your collection. (couldn’t find it on amazon though, but it’s somewhere on cdnow)

the other album i got is music for airports, and i got it just at the right time. this monday i got (very much) stuck in traffic (90 mins to travel 5 kms), and the music was just so soothing, that i couldn’t have cared less. errmmm… a bit overstated perhaps, but the music did help to ‘keep my cool’

go visit their site (incidentally, if you’re from the us, there’s a competition that might get you to london to attend one of their concerts).

(there is another disc in my collection, performed by the same ensemble: steve reich’s new york counterpoint / eight lines / four organs (released on nonesuch))