adams disc

last week i promised a review of the adams album i got. two words. get it.

it’s a very ecclectic disc, with already very ecclectic music. it ranges from the inspired, or as adams himself puts it – ‘maddeningly symmetrical’ – fearful symmetries (this work in itself is worth getting this disc for), to a more brute minimalsim of the chamber symphony and the gospel and rock-like music of the 4 songs from i was looking at the ceiling and then i saw the sky & christian zeal and activivity

if nothing else it’s a great introduction to the versatility of adams. worthwhile.

bad news is: i don’t know where you can buy it. i’ve bought it from the fnac (in gent), but i haven’t been able to find it @ amazon.

here’s all the info i have : fearful symmetries, chamber symphony, four songs from “ceiling/sky”, christian zeal and activity, performed by the orchestre philharmonique de montpellier (ren‚àö√† bosc, conductor), released on actes sud OMA34102