Forthcoming Michael Nyman album – FILM MUSIC 1980 – 2001

New tracks, taken from the forthcoming album MICHAEL NYMAN – ‘FILM MUSIC 1980 – 2001’, have been added to the Michael Nyman website. The release date for the new album in the UK -and for most European places- is 29th October 2001 –USA/Canada Feb 2002 (TBC).

Tracks are:

Homage to Maurice

In 1984 Maurice Hatton invited me to write the music for ‘Nelly’s Version’. He had already added a temp track to the film – Bernard Herrmann’s score for ‘Psycho’ – which explains the character of this track. This new version is dedicated to the memory of Maurice.


Orchestral music for the lead male character was used alongside Algerian dance music for his childhood memories.

Fly Drive

English 1920’s and 30’s country style without resorting to pastiche or known musical models.

Sarah Dies

Adding a few measures of sex and sensuality to Neil Jordan’s ‘The End of the Affair’.