it’s been a while since i ordered cds through the internet. the difference in price and choice wasn’t all that different from what the local stores had to offer, so i mostly got what i wanted from the fnac (compares to your average virgin megastore), and i gathered they got all that i needed (they carried everything e.g. amazon or cdnow carries)

until, recently, some of you pointed out that i had missed some serious nyman, glass and bryars albums, and i stumbled on materiali sonori and black box. i had orderd from them before (i.e. two years ago), but i discovered i had missed quite a few good albums.

so i ordered from black box last week, and i got ‘frame’ by simon haram in my mailbox today. don’t miss out on this –there’s a link to their site in the sidebar; and i’m already browsing the site to see what i can order next.

meaning? that there are a lot of good albums out there, and you should look beyond the obvious. i already knew that, and most likely you do too… but we need to be reminded sometimes …i know i do